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Committee Minutes
Commemoration Event

November 29, 2005
Commemoration Event

Committee members all felt that the event had met or exceeded expectations, excepting the small turnout for the oak tree planting.

George reported that he sent out 70 thank-you notes. This task has been completed.

The committee discussed corporate sponsorship for the editing of the video footage taken at the 50th Anniversary celebrations. Bill C. will work with Doug Frazer on this. Ted will write to Mr. Ishida if local sponsorship cannot be found. Some of the cost could be covered by the sales of the event DVD.

September 18, 2005
Commemoration Event

Over 2000 people were present for the unveiling ceremony, including 1824 Scouts and Scouters from the Scout Brigade of Fort George. Sixty-eight attended the banquet. About 35 attended the soiree.

George will coordinate sending Thank You cards to the various people who contributed to the event. Bill C. will write personal notes for some people in addition to the main letter.

It was agreed that Scouts Canada had missed a tremendous opportunity to promote itself. The anniversary could have been a way of showing how Scouting has been an important part of Canadian society for many decades.

It would have been helpful to have had a few more committee members. This would have helped to extend the network, allowing more to be done. In the end, the result were phenomenal given the small all-volunteer organizing committee.

September 13, 2005
Commemoration Event

Friday Reception

Tony will bring a screen for the Jamboree film. Ted will bring the Scouts Canada marquee and hang the banner on it. Navy Hall will be opened at 17:00 for setup. At 19:00, Bill C. will formally welcome everyone to the reception.

Saturday Unveiling

Scouter Joseph Grittani will run the reception/media tent. The shelter marquee for the guests is stored inside the fort. George will arrange to rent 100 chairs. The Scout Brigade will have a sound system setup. Ted will arrange for a podium and mike stand. Ted will check that the 1955-uniformed members of the honour guard will be wearing shorts and knee socks. Tony will confirm with the piper.

Cogeco TV will cover the unveiling and the parade. George reported that the event could be videoed for $900. There would be additional costs for editing and production of a video. The committee was supportive of videoing the ceremony and banquet.

Saturday Parade

Ted will follow up regarding parking metre covers to reserve a spot for parade viewing. Ted has ordered a large banner to be carried in the parade.

Saturday Banquet

Bill C. has arranged for the Lord Mayor of Niagara-on-the-Lake to give a 12 minute keynote address at the banquet. Al will thank the Lord Mayor. The Pillar and Post, Chicago Room has been reserved for the after-dinner soiree.

Committee Wrap Up Meeting

The committee will meet at 13:30 on Sunday at the Epicurean restaurant to wrap-up and evaluate the event.

Ted had brought some cards printed with the painting "The Spirit of Scouting" which will be used for thank-you cards.

September 6, 2005
Commemoration Event

Saturday Unveiling

Speakers at the unveiling will be:

  1. Gary Burroughs, Lord Mayor
  2. Peter Partington, Regional Chair
  3. Jim Bradley, Ontario Minister of Tourism and Recreation
  4. Rob Nicholson, MP
  5. Jane Graham, Scouts Canada

The emcee will first put the event in context, then introduce the official party. Public thanks will be made to the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Foster Hewitt Foundation, OEB International, Parks Canada, and the Niagara Parks Commission. The plaque will be read in both languages after it is unveiled. Jane Graham will be asked to lead the unveiling. During the unveiling, the Scout Brigade will stand at alert. David Randle will then lead them in a cheer shortly following which they will file out.

There will be no stage. The Scout Brigade is renting a sound system with four speakers and a mixing board.

Bill C. will talk to Cogeco about having them video the ceremony. Lou suggested getting in touch with Buffalo TV stations as well.

The honour guard will consist of 13 Canadian Scouts in 1955 uniforms, eight in modern uniforms, and three American Scouts.

Saturday Parade

The Scout Brigade has asked that car, band, and other parade members form up in the parking lot of Fort George. The Scout Brigade will form up on the other side of Queen's Parade. They will step out at 13:55. Jane Graham and her husband will be asked to ride in the car.

Saturday Banquet

Ted will contact Scouts Canada regarding prominent former Scouts who could speak at the dinner. Following this, attendees will share their memories. Committee members who were attendees should prepare a reminiscence to kick off spontaneous sharing.

The committee will order 55 meals. This gives a few extra. [This was boosted to 60 following additional registrations shortly after the meeting.]

Bill C. will book a room at the Pillar and Post Inn for an informal soirée following dinner.

August 25, 2005
Commemoration Event


Liam reported that 39 have registered to attend the unveiling ceremony, 32 for the Friday reception, and 21 for the banquet. These numbers only include those who have registered. They do not include dignitaries and committee members.

Friday Reception

Tony reported that he received a phone call from the local public health unit who apparently had thought that the event will be a large World Jamboree, not a small event anniversary. Having had this cleared up they nonetheless requested information about the catering arrangements for the reception.

Willard reported that he and Al Agar had investigated food for this reception. They priced fruit, cheese, and sweet trays which are prepared by a local grocery store. The store requires 24 hours notice. Enough food and drink for 50 people will be about $150.

It remains to figure out the details of what setup has to be done and how many volunteers will be needed to do it.

Saturday Unveiling

Tony mentioned that the period uniform colour guard should wear a yellow necker, shorts, and knee socks. Their shoes should not be large or colourful. In 1955, Scouts would have worn black Oxfords.

Politicians should be sent backgrounders about the event. They would use this to help write speeches. Any speeches that do happen would have to be very limited in order to keep the event relevant to the Scouts.

Bill L. is working on arranging seating, marquee, stage, and plaque unveiling device.

It remains to figure out the details of what setup has to be done and how many volunteers will be needed to do it.

Saturday Parade

Kevin reported that the Lincoln and Welland Regimental Band is unable to come. The Preston Scout House Band is coming. Kevin said that the Scout Brigade would prefer to keep it at that.

Saturday Banquet

The committee agreed that volunteers helping with the event should be able to attend the banquet at or near cost, such as for $20.

The committee agreed that "organized spontaneity" will probably have the best results for the banquet program. Some people will be pre-arranged to share reminiscences of WJ'55 followed by an open mike. Stan Kochanoff is not available to attend the event. Roger Young, former MP, will be invited.

Post-Event Committee Meeting/Brunch

A Post-Event Committee Meeting/Brunch could be held to evaluate the event at a restaurant on the Sunday.


George will compile a list of people the committee needs to thank. A starting point is the Thanks page on the web site.

August 9, 2005
Commemoration Event


Liam reported that 30 people have submitted on-line registrations and 17 of these have paid. The other cheques are expected to arrive soon.

Friday Reception

Al and Willard will arrange food for the Friday reception. There is a screen for the film in the Navy Hall. George R. will get a video projector. Ted will bring a laptop and a copy of the DVD. The SOSSI display will be setup in the Navy Hall. Following the reception, it must be moved to the Fort George reception building where it will be for Saturday. Volunteers will be needed to help move it.

Saturday Unveiling

Bill L. will talk with Ron Dale regarding chairs, stage, shelter for rain, and the plaque mount.

Ted suggested that, since the Chief Scout will not be present, the plaque be unveiled by two Scouts and that a Scout flag be used as the veil. Ted will investigate getting yellow neckers for the period uniform honour guard Scouts.

The details of the program will be settled once a there is a firm list of dignitaries.

A piper is available to pipe the dignitaries in and the Scout Brigade out.

Saturday Parade

The search is underway for a 1955 convertible car. The Scout Brigade has asked that the band be requested to play whatever 1812-era music they have in their repertoire.

Saturday Banquet

The committee discussed the program for the banquet. It was agreed having a variety of participants briefly share their memories would be interesting. There will be a few pre-arranged speakers followed by an open mike. Ted will make a special invite to the Japanese visitors.

The church requires three days notice of the final number of people who will be eating. A few tickets will be reserved for sale at the event for a cost of $40.

It was suggested that member of the media be invited to the banquet and be provided with a complementary ticket.

Tony has flags and memorabilia that can be used as decorations in the hall. To reduce the amount of work that has to be done on Saturday, arrangements will be made, if possible, to move the decorations into the hall on Friday morning.

Bill C. will investigate venues for the post-dinner gathering.

July 12, 2005
Commemoration Event

Bands for Parade

The Preston Scout House Band has agreed to participate in the parade. They require $1000 to cover their costs. Bill C. will speak with Doug F. about finding a sponsor. The band could be lead by a banner with the sponsor's logo. The committee agreed to book the band. Ted will see if the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake is willing to help fund the band.

Tony will investigate the possibility of an appearance by the Lincoln and Welland Regimental Band.

Scouting Displays

The Navy Hall has been double booked with another event and will not be available on the Saturday for the SOSSI display. The Hall is available on Friday and Sunday. Bill L. will search for another venue.


Ted will contact the Niagara Regional and Niagara Park Police to inform them of the event. It is best if they have heard of it beforehand if they are contacted, for example, by officials on behalf of the Governor General.

June 13, 2005
Commemoration Event

Antique Car

Bill L. will contact a car club to attempt to locate a 1955 car for the parade.

CBC Audio Recordings

The CBC has granted permission to reproduce on CD their broadcasts about the Jamboree and have requested a 15¢ per copy royalty.

Bands for Parade

The committee discussed bands that might be interested in participating in the parade. Bands included the Lincoln and Welland Regimental Band, Fort George Fife and Drum Corps., Burlington Teen Tour Band, the Ayr Band, and the Preston Scout House Band.

Plan for Rain

The Scouts will Be Prepared for any weather. Hopefully funding will be available for marquees for dignitaries and participants.


St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church has offered to cater the Saturday banquet for $18 per person.


The Committee discussed who should emcee the unveiling ceremony. It was agreed that it is appropriate for the Chief Commission to do this. The ceremony needs to include some background so that the Scouts and others understand the importance of what is being commemorated.


Registrations are slowly starting to trickle in. Liam will send a reminder and a registration deadline of late July will be set.

May 3, 2005
Commemoration Event

Honour Guard

Dave Fredericks has agreed to lend green shirts for the honour guard.

Niagara Historical Society

The Niagara Historical Society Museum is now assembling the display which includes artifacts from the Jamboree.

Plan for Rain

The committee discussed what to do if the Saturday is very rainy. Fort George may have a marquee which can be used for the ceremony. If weather if severe, it may be possible to arrange to use the Shaw Festival's large rehearsal hall.

Scout Brigade of Fort George

Attendance for the Scout Brigade appears to be up. There are 1200 to 1500 expected. Many people are ordering WJ'55 commemorative crests through the Scout Brigade. Camping for commemoration participants is possible, but there are no grey water facilities. Participants could buy into the existing meal plan.

The ceremony will need to be no longer than half an hour in order to keep the Scouts' interest. At the end, the Scout Brigade will do a march past on their way out. Committee and visitors are invited to attend the Company of Good Cheer, an adult social occasional late Saturday evening. The Scout Brigade is very supportive of having a band in the parade.

Keynote Speaker

The committee briefly discussed who could be the keynote speaker for the celebration. Normally, a senior VIP would do this. A prominent Jamboree participant would be ideal. It may be difficult to find someone like this as there is no list of prominent Scouts or of WJ'55 participants.

April 12, 2005
Commemoration Event

Special Guests

Bill L. and Tony visited Ron Dale of Fort George. They discussed the guest list for the event. Rob Nicholson is the MP and Kim Craitor the MPP for the riding of Niagara Falls, which includes Niagara-on-the-Lake. Alan Latourelle is the CEO of Parks Canada.

Scouting Displays

The Scouts On Stamps Society International (SOSSI) has arranged for a commemorative cancel, cover, and a display. The display will be in the Navy Hall, which is available at no charge. The Badgers will have a display. Ted is coordinating with Nick Ebner. Tony is talking to the Scout Memorabilia Collectors.

Honour Guard

Ted has been in touch with Dennis Trimble of the 333rd Toronto Scout Troop. This troop wears traditional Stetson hats and has offered to serve as a honour guard for the event. Dave Fredericks, a Scouter in Burlington, has a large supply of green shirts allowing for the honour guard to be dressed in period Scout uniform. Tony will help arrange this. Tony pointed out that having lots of Scouts in Scout uniform will help counter the impression that some people may have that the 1955 event also had a historical theme like the Scout Brigade of Fort George.

Saturday Dinner

Bill L. will make a booking at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church for the celebration banquet. The cost for the hall is $235. Bill will also see if the church is interested in catering the event.

Scout Brigade of Fort George

Ted will meet with the Scout Brigade of Fort George committee on Saturday, April 23. The Scout Brigade has offered to lend their sound system. A desire has been expressed for a band to be in the Scout Brigade parade. The Preston Scout House Band may be interested in this.

Program Schedule

The group approved the program schedule which includes a reception on Friday evening at Navy Hall (available at no charge), ceremony on Saturday morning, banquet Saturday evening, and viewing of Scout Brigade activities on Sunday. The program information will include information about services at local churches and will note that special services were held during the WJ'55 at St. Mark's Anglican Church and St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church.

Jamboree Film on DVD

Mike Reid has almost finished creating the DVD of the film about the Jamboree. He is also working on a CD of BP's speeches and of CBC broadcasts about the Jamboree.

March 8, 2005
Commemoration Event

Friday Gathering

Tony will see if the meet-and-greet on Friday can take place in the Navy Hall. Transportation may need to be organized for this. The collectors who are showing stamps would like an indoor place to display them. The Navy Hall would be a good place for this as well. Meet-and-greet will be from 18:00 to 22:00, allowing people to drop in after the afternoon show at the Shaw or before the evening show.

Saturday Dinner

The Niagara-on-the-Lake Golf Club is not available to host the dinner. Ted, Bill, and Liam have visited several halls to find a location for the dinner. The nicest is the church hall of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, 342 Simcoe Street, Niagara-on-the-Lake. The hall is wheelchair accessible and is able to accommodate up to 150 people in buffet or family style dining. The church may offer catering. Tony's Gilwell Club also does catering. It was agreed that there would be no cash bar and that, following dinner, those who would like could go out to a specified establishment.

Other Programs

On Sunday, participants will be able to observe the Scout Brigade's final battle in Fort George. It was also suggested that Church Parade could be organized on Sunday. Other program ideas include visiting the Niagara Scouting Museum, floral clock, falls, Fort Erie, and bus tours.


The committee discussed how to manage registration for the event. It was decided that the fee should be about $25. This would include the Friday gathering, admission to Fort George and the museum, parking, name tag, and a crest. Dinner would be an additional fee. It must be made clear what is included in the registration.

Special Guests

The committee discussed dignitaries who should be invited to the event. The lists includes the Chief Scout & Governor General, John Maloney MP, Scouts Canada's Chief Commissioner, the Secretary General of WOSM, the Minister of Canadian Heritage, Jim Bradley MPP, the Premier, the Lieutenant Governor, the Lord Major of Niagara-on-the-Lake, a representative of the Niagara Park's Commission, and the Niagara Region Chair.

February 8, 2005
Commemoration Event


Tony reported that the Scouts On Stamps Society International, Maple Leaf Chapter has agreed to produce a commemorative cover at cost. They also have a large collection of covers which they are willing to display. The Navy Hall may be a good place for this.

Ted reported that Ed Ermel has a large badge display and a tent for it. Ted will see if there is interest for a meeting of the Scout Memorabilia Collectors during the celebration. The Scout Brigade of Fort George has volunteered to feed a few WJ'55 volunteers at cost.

Ed Ermel also has two 78 LPs of CBC Radio broadcasts from the Jamboree. It was suggested that these be put on CD and sold. Mike Reid, a Scouter from Montreal and owner of a video production business, could do this. The Niagara Historical Society also has some CBC interviews that could be included on such a CD.

Commemoration Dinner

The committee discussed holding a commemoration dinner. The Niagara-on-the-Lake Golf Club has a very nice hall for 130 people. White Oaks, near the Welland Canal, is larger. Local wineries may also have facilities for catered dinners. Bill L. will investigate a dinner at the Golf Club.

A reception could be held in the Navy Hall or the market room in the old court house.

December 7, 2004
Commemoration Event

WJ'55 Photographs

Tony has met with Donald Willey, son of the WJ'55 official photographer. The company, Shore and Willey, had anticipated being the only photographer at the event. Other shops were selling postcards and ViewMaster reels. Shore and Willey nearly went bankrupt. Mr. Willey insisted that Shore and Willey photographs are not be copied as they remain under copyright.

Collectors' Meetings

Tony announced that the local chapter of the Scouts On Stamps Society International will arrange for a commemorative cover for the event. The president of the chapter is an director of the wider SOSSI and will seek to arrange a SOSSI meeting to take place as part of the event. Members of the Badgers' Club are also interested in meeting. The Kinsmen Scout Hut was suggested as a location for these meetings. This building retains its name though it is currently city property.

November 9, 2004
WJ'55 Photographs

Donald Willey, son of the WJ'55 official photographer, has responded to Tony's letter and will visit the Niagara Scouting Museum. He is a former Wolf Cub, Scout, and Rover.

October 5, 2004
Commemoration Event

Ted summarized the last meeting which was held with representatives of the Scout Brigade of Fort George (see minutes for September 18). The group discussed the need for parking and admission passes for celebration attendees. It was generally agreed that the Fort George admission fee could be built into the event registration fee. It was suggested to arrange a special viewing area for the SBFG parade, such as in front of the courthouse.

The group discussed the challenges of having a formal banquet. A banquet is difficult to organize if there is an uncertain number of attendees. One suggestion was a buffet catered by the Friends of Fort George.

The group discussed who might serve as a keynote speaker for the event. Ideas include a WJ'55 attendee who has had a distinguished career or member of B-P's family. Another idea is to have many people give three minute vignettes about how Scouting and the Jamboree affected their lives.

September 18, 2004
Commemoration Event

The committee discussed with David Randle and Ron Nicholson of the Scout Brigade of Fort George how the commemoration event could fit in with the Scout Brigade. The Brigade program is as follows: On Saturday morning, the Scouts are in the fort for opening and activities. They have lunch at their site, parade into the town, then have an afternoon battle. On Sunday morning, they are back by the fort for the final battle, Scouts' Own, and closing. The Sunday battle involves less moving and is thus easier to watch. In 2004, there are 610 American and 760 Canadian participants in the Scout Brigade.

The committee sketched the following plan with the concurrence of the Scout Brigade: At 11:00 on Saturday morning, the plaque will be unveiled in Fort George using Ron Dale's mobile plaque stand with curtains. This will be a brief ceremony as the Scouts will be present. Extended speeches will wait until the banquet that evening. On Sunday, WJ'55 participants will be invited to view the final battle between 09:30 and 10:30. Parking and Fort entrance arrangements will have to be made with Ron Dale.

The committee discussed including promotional information about the WJ'55 anniversary crest in the Scout Bridge registration package. The registration package goes out at the end of February. The committee will have to have materials ready by that time. The committee will also make WJ'55 participants aware of the opportunity to order Scout Brigade crests.

Other program ideas and opportunities discussed:

  • The Niagara Wine Festival will be on during the event.
  • Post signs marking the location of various parts of the original WJ'55 campsite.
  • Bury a time capsule. These can be easily made by solvent welding ends on a large diameter plastic water pipe.

August 31, 2004
Commemoration Event

The 2005 Scout Brigade of Fort George and the WJ'55 commemoration will be September 16-18.

Methods of getting publicity for the event were discussed. A representative of the committee will probably have to attend meetings of various organizations in order to publicize the event. Tourist information for summer 2005 will be going in within three to four months.

Planning for the banquet will require an estimate of the number of people who will attend.

The Scout Memorabilia Collectors of Canada would like to hold an event during the commemoration. Ted will contact Murray Fried regarding this. The Badgers' Club and the Scouts on Stamps Society International (SOSSI) may be interested in holding meetings during the commemoration. The SOSSI voted to add "International" to its name during WJ'55.

Some ideas for events during the commemoration include:

  • Boat tour. Ron mentioned that a tour boat will operate from the Navy Hall dock next summer.
  • Building a replica campsite complete with Bell tents.
  • Participants may camp on the original Jamboree site (tents only). Those wishing to camp in trailers may do so at the nearby Shalamar Lake commercial trailer park. A shuttle bus could be operated between there and NotL.
  • The Niagara Falls Scouting Museum has artifacts from the Jamboree. It might be possible to mount a mobile display of some of these in the Navy Hall or some other place in NotL.

To successfully attract print publicity, the committee will need to identify the human interest angle; the unique stories that make the Jamboree and the commemoration special. For example, the mayor of NotL did not have a chain of office until one was made in time for WJ'55. Bill C. moved to Canada from Northern Ireland after attending the Jamboree.

There needs to be a communications strategy to build momentum in the community. Bill C. will speak to Mike Scott about an article in the Leader magazine. Tony and Bill L. will write a press release and backgrounder. Ron has contacts with the wire services. Ted will contact Mike Reid, a Scouter in Montreal with video production experience and media contacts.

Lou Cahill worked for the public relations firm OEB International and may have worked on publicity for WJ'55. Bill C. will contact him. Mr. Cahill was also the president and an association of Canadian weekly newspapers.

George will get service club contacts to Ted who will send information and ask for their help. Ted will also follow up with the NotL Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber's newsletter will be published within a month.

Liam will register a domain name and arrange for a web site for the event.

Shore and Willey were the official photographers for the event. George will approach Donald Willey, son of the photographer, to see if he would like to participate and if he has any photos that we could use.

July 13, 2004
Commemoration Event

Ted reported on the list of possible events. Tony noted that the Scouts On Stamps Society International (SOSSI) voted to become an international organization at their meeting held in conjunction with the 1955 Jamboree. They are likely to be interested in participating.

Issues for consideration:

  • VIP seating area for the SBFG parade.
  • Formal banquet. What establishments in Niagara on the Lake or in Niagara Falls could be the venue?
  • Invite the SOSSI, Badgers' Club, and Scout Memorabilia Club to meet during the celebration.
  • Reception and opening ceremonies.
  • Keynote speaker. It would be particularly good to find a prominent person from among the WJ'55 Attendees.
  • Invite WJ'55 host families to participate.
  • Recognition for attendees who continued their Scouting participation.
  • Monument unveiling ceremony. Scouts Canada, local, provincial, and national dignitaries should be invited.
  • Special invitation to the Governor General.
  • Special invitation to the Secretary General of WOSM, Eduardo Missoni.
  • Block booking of seats for a performance at the Shaw Festival.
  • Bus tour to Niagara Falls.
  • Hospitality venue with WJ 55 memorabilia and souvenir items. Perhaps the Niagara Falls Scout Shop will be back on track and could participate.

Draft Program Agenda

Friday afternoon
Registration open.
Friday Evening
Welcome by the organizing committee, reception and meet and greet for WJ'55 attendees.
Saturday Morning
Monument unveiling.
Saturday Afternoon
Shaw Matinee / Bus Tours.
Saturday Evening Dinner
18:00 Gathering; 18:45 Seating/opening remarks, WJ'55 slide show, 19:15 Dinner, 20:00 speakers and presentations.
Sunday Morning
SBFG Battle Viewing.
Sunday Afternoon
Closing ceremony and farewell.

June 8, 2004
Commemoration Event

The committee discussed holding a commemoration event at the same time as the Scout Brigade of Fort George. Ron Nicholson informed us of the Scout Brigade Friday - Assembly Saturday AM Training and History in Fort After Lunch - Parade through town Afternoon Battle presented Saturday Evening Scouts Own Sundy AM Battle presentation Camp Closing. Committee will consider organizing events that will have a synergy with the SBFG and visa versa. Consensus that we network to get the contacts so that we can hold a reunion. This would be a great opportunity to promote the Centennial Troop Suggested contacts through web, Through Badgers Club, Through SOSSI Consensus that this as great potential to raise the profile of Scouting today, especially holding a reunion at a time co-incident with the SBFG
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