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Committee Minutes
August 25, 2005


  • Tony Roberts, Co-Chair
  • Liam Morland, Secretary
  • Lou Cahill, OEB International
  • Bill Lindsay
  • Willard Miller
  • George Repar
  • Kevin Windsor, Scout Brigade of Fort George


  • Ted Claxton
  • Bill Connor


Tony opened the meeting at 19:10.

Funding Opportunities

George reported about a meeting he had with the Ontario Trillium Foundation on August 16. The meeting, which was attended by several other grant recipients, was focused on those receiving multi-year grants. Such recipients need to meet ongoing evaluation and reporting requirements. In the case of the WJ'55 celebrations, just one report is needed. It is due December 31, 2005. George offered to write this report.

George indicated that the Foundation wants the entire grant to be used. If budget reallocation is needed, this can be done by Manfred Fast, the Foundation's coordinator for Niagara. All expenses must be clearly documented and invoices provided.

Ted reported in absentia that the cheque for the grant has been received and deposited into the Committee account.

The Ontario Trillium Foundation requires that their contribution be visible. Their logo appears on each page on the event web site and will appear in the program.

Bill L. will following up with George Howse regarding the Niagara-on-the-Lake Lions' Club.


Ted and Tony have worked to correct some issues with the French translation of the text of the plaque. The plaque had been promised in time for the ceremony. More recently, Matthews Casting indicated that there may be a delay and that they would provide a cardboard replica if there is a delay.

The plaque mount is currently under construction. It will be installed on an existing concrete slab near Butler's Barracks. Parks Canada is paying for the stand.

Niagara-on-the-Lake Sign

Ted, Tony, Bill L., Niagara-on-the-Lake Lord Mayor Gary Burroughs, Clive Buist, Niagara Area Commissioner Anne Piper-Thorn, and five Scouts were in attendance for the unveiling of the event advertising sign at the Niagara-on-the-Lake floral planting. Photos were taken by members of the media. A story has appeared in the Welland Tribune.

Communication Strategy

Niagara News printed an interview with Tony. Bill C. is working with Cogeco TV.

Liam has been in touch with Susan Mackie, Scouts Canada's staff Director of Communications, regarding the press kit. Liam, George, and Lou will complete the kit.

Lou indicated that press badges should be sent to the city editors prior to the event and that other badges should be on hand at the event. Lou said that a phone number should be sent to the media outlets so that they can get their questions answered.

Tony offered to write an article for the Leader magazine about the event.


Lou will follow up with the Honourable Jim Bradley, the Niagara Region Chair, and the local police chief.

Commemoration Event


Liam reported that 39 have registered to attend the unveiling ceremony, 32 for the Friday reception, and 21 for the banquet. These numbers only include those who have registered. They do not include dignitaries and committee members.

Friday Reception

Tony reported that he received a phone call from the local public health unit who apparently had thought that the event will be a large World Jamboree, not a small event anniversary. Having had this cleared up they nonetheless requested information about the catering arrangements for the reception.

Willard reported that he and Al Agar had investigated food for this reception. They priced fruit, cheese, and sweet trays which are prepared by a local grocery store. The store requires 24 hours notice. Enough food and drink for 50 people will be about $150.

It remains to figure out the details of what setup has to be done and how many volunteers will be needed to do it.

Saturday Unveiling

Tony mentioned that the period uniform colour guard should wear a yellow necker, shorts, and knee socks. Their shoes should not be large or colourful. In 1955, Scouts would have worn black Oxfords.

Politicians should be sent backgrounders about the event. They would use this to help write speeches. Any speeches that do happen would have to be very limited in order to keep the event relevant to the Scouts.

Bill L. is working on arranging seating, marquee, stage, and plaque unveiling device.

It remains to figure out the details of what setup has to be done and how many volunteers will be needed to do it.

Saturday Parade

Kevin reported that the Lincoln and Welland Regimental Band is unable to come. The Preston Scout House Band is coming. Kevin said that the Scout Brigade would prefer to keep it at that.

Saturday Banquet

The committee agreed that volunteers helping with the event should be able to attend the banquet at or near cost, such as for $20.

The committee agreed that "organized spontaneity" will probably have the best results for the banquet program. Some people will be pre-arranged to share reminiscences of WJ'55 followed by an open mike. Stan Kochanoff is not available to attend the event. Roger Young, former MP, will be invited.

Post-Event Committee Meeting/Brunch

A Post-Event Committee Meeting/Brunch could be held to evaluate the event at a restaurant on the Sunday.


George will compile a list of people the committee needs to thank. A starting point is the Thanks page on the web site.


The meeting was adjourned at 21:00. The next meeting will be Tuesday, September 6, 2005 at 19:00 at Niagara Falls BP House.

—Minutes by Liam Morland.

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