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Committee Minutes
April 12, 2005


  • Ted Claxton
  • Bill Connor
  • Bill Lindsay
  • Liam Morland
  • George Repar
  • Tony Roberts
  • Lou Cahill, OEB International


  • Doug Frazer


Ted opened the meeting at 19:15.

Commemoration Event

Special Guests

Bill L. and Tony visited Ron Dale of Fort George. They discussed the guest list for the event. Rob Nicholson is the MP and Kim Craitor the MPP for the riding of Niagara Falls, which includes Niagara-on-the-Lake. Alan Latourelle is the CEO of Parks Canada.

Scouting Displays

The Scouts On Stamps Society International (SOSSI) has arranged for a commemorative cancel, cover, and a display. The display will be in the Navy Hall, which is available at no charge. The Badgers will have a display. Ted is coordinating with Nick Ebner. Tony is talking to the Scout Memorabilia Collectors.

Honour Guard

Ted has been in touch with Dennis Trimble of the 333rd Toronto Scout Troop. This troop wears traditional Stetson hats and has offered to serve as a honour guard for the event. Dave Fredericks, a Scouter in Burlington, has a large supply of green shirts allowing for the honour guard to be dressed in period Scout uniform. Tony will help arrange this. Tony pointed out that having lots of Scouts in Scout uniform will help counter the impression that some people may have that the 1955 event also had a historical theme like the Scout Brigade of Fort George.

Saturday Dinner

Bill L. will make a booking at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church for the celebration banquet. The cost for the hall is $235. Bill will also see if the church is interested in catering the event.

Scout Brigade of Fort George

Ted will meet with the Scout Brigade of Fort George committee on Saturday, April 23. The Scout Brigade has offered to lend their sound system. A desire has been expressed for a band to be in the Scout Brigade parade. The Preston Scout House Band may be interested in this.

Program Schedule

The group approved the program schedule which includes a reception on Friday evening at Navy Hall (available at no charge), ceremony on Saturday morning, banquet Saturday evening, and viewing of Scout Brigade activities on Sunday. The program information will include information about services at local churches and will note that special services were held during the WJ'55 at St. Mark's Anglican Church and St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church.

Jamboree Film on DVD

Mike Reid has almost finished creating the DVD of the film about the Jamboree. He is also working on a CD of BP's speeches and of CBC broadcasts about the Jamboree.


Bill L. and Tony gave Ron Dale the design for the commemorative plaque.

Funding Opportunities

George has been in touch with John Maloney's office regarding the Heritage Canada grant application. Heritage Canada has decided that the event is not within their terms of reference. They suggested that the committee investigate the Trillium Foundation, to which an application is already underway.

Communication Strategy

Tony reported that the London Free Press has requested a 200 word piece to be published soon with a photo of the London contingent to WJ'55.

Ted will arrange a delegation to Niagara-on-the-Lake City Council, hopefully for Monday, June 13.

The Niagara Advance would like an article for an issue in May. The Niagara Parks Commission has many great photos of the Jamboree that could be used.

Bill C. is working with Lou Cahill of OEB International on a media release. Lou will broker a meeting with the managing editors of the St. Catharines Standard and the Niagara Falls Review. Bill C., Tony, and George will go. Lou said that it is important to build and maintain relationships with the media outlets. Every Canadian Press affiliate sends all their stories to the Canadian Press, which decides what stories will go on the national news wire.

Bill C.'s contacts Northern Ireland have found the article he wrote in 1955 when he returned from the Jamboree.

Generating interest in the event may attract the attention of TV, such as the local Cogeco TV or a day-of broadcast by a show like Canada AM.

Ted will find out what the article deadline is for upcoming issues of The Leader magazine.

Niagara Parks Commission

Bill C. mentioned that the Niagara Parks Commission has offered to plant a memorial oak. They would also like help planting flowers by the river. Tony will see if there is interest in this among the Niagara Falls Scouts.

Scouts Canada's Participation

The group discussed the question of registration status of committee members. Ted is working on this.

Official VIP invitations have not moved forward. Ted is working on this.

Ted is working on arranging to have Scouts Canada manage tax receipts for donations to the event via their charitable registration number. The committee would give something in return for donations, such as a crest for smaller donations.


The meeting was adjourned at 21:15. The next meeting will be Tuesday, May 3, 2005 at Niagara Falls Scout House. The following meeting will be Monday, June 13.

—Minutes by Liam Morland.

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