WJ'55 Masthead Scouts Canada

Committee Minutes
November 29, 2005


  • Ted Claxton, Co-Chair
  • Tony Roberts, Co-Chair
  • Liam Morland, Secretary
  • Al Agar
  • Bill Conner
  • Bill Lindsay
  • George Repar


  • Willard Miller


The committee held its wrap up meeting at the Gables Restaurant in Grimsby. The meeting opened at 19:00.

Commemoration Event

Committee members all felt that the event had met or exceeded expectations, excepting the small turnout for the oak tree planting.

George reported that he sent out 70 thank-you notes. This task has been completed.

The committee discussed corporate sponsorship for the editing of the video footage taken at the 50th Anniversary celebrations. Bill C. will work with Doug Frazer on this. Ted will write to Mr. Ishida if local sponsorship cannot be found. Some of the cost could be covered by the sales of the event DVD.

Trillium Grant

Ted will send the back up documentation to George so that he may complete the report to the Trillium Foundation.

The small balance on hand in the WJ'55 50th Anniversary Account will be transferred to an account held for the purposes of promoting a National Historic Marker. Several members of the committee are prepared to assist in this initiative.


Liam reported that the Website is being revised and will be maintained. The domain name registration has been paid for for 10 years.


Tony noted that he still had money on hand from badge sales. The committee agreed that he should hold that money for the use and benefit of the Niagara Scouting Museum. Ted gave Tony the remaining 250 crests. The committee members agreed that the proceeds of sale of those badges should be applied to the needs of the Niagara Scouting Museum.


The members of the committee enjoyed dinner and fellowship. Everyone agreed that we had a very effective committee. The meeting was adjourned at 21:00.

—Minutes by Ted Claxton and Liam Morland.

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