WJ'55 Masthead Scouts Canada

Committee Minutes
December 7, 2004


  • Liam Morland
  • Ted Claxton
  • Doug Frazer
  • George Repar
  • Tony Roberts


  • Bill Connor


Ted opened the meeting at 19:13 following a visit to the Niagara Scouting Museum.

Doug Frazer was in attendance for the first time. Doug was a Rover during WJ'55. He has not been recently involved in Scouting.

Tony noted that the November minutes incorrectly recorded that George Howse was present at the meeting. It should have read that George Repar was present.

Scouts Canada's Participation

Ted has written to Tyler Arrell about the World Scout Bureau approvals and promoting the event with other Scout associations and is awaiting a reply.

Tony's article was submitted for inclusion in the February Leader magazine.

Local Cooperation

Ted has written to the Niagara Lion's Club and the Rotary Club of Niagara-on-the-Lake about the event and is awaiting replies.

Ted has written to Holly Dowd regarding booking a delegation to present to the city council. These bookings are normally booked two months ahead. Ted will be in touch again later in the winter.

Niagara College has an event planning program. George will contact their president to see if they are interested in getting involved.

Commemoration Event

WJ'55 Photographs

Tony has met with Donald Willey, son of the WJ'55 official photographer. The company, Shore and Willey, had anticipated being the only photographer at the event. Other shops were selling postcards and ViewMaster reels. Shore and Willey nearly went bankrupt. Mr. Willey insisted that Shore and Willey photographs are not be copied as they remain under copyright.

Collectors' Meetings

Tony announced that the local chapter of the Scouts On Stamps Society International will arrange for a commemorative cover for the event. The president of the chapter is an director of the wider SOSSI and will seek to arrange a SOSSI meeting to take place as part of the event. Members of the Badgers' Club are also interested in meeting. The Kinsmen Scout Hut was suggested as a location for these meetings. This building retains its name though it is currently city property.


Due to a delay, the crests are not ready, but are expected soon.

Funding Opportunities

George described several potential sources of funding. The Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund provides money for historical and cultural events. The Trillium Foundation funds many organizations in Ontario and is open to providing operational funding. The Canadian Heritage Fund includes a section for events with an international component. Funding applications need to detail how the money will be spent.

As the event itself will be largely funded by fees paid by attendees, money is primarily needed for the plaque, advertising, and perhaps room rental for a reception or dinner. George will investigate these funding opportunities further.

Tony will send a list of potential corporate sponsors to Doug. Doug will prepare a letter.

Communication Strategy

Ted will contact local service clubs to see if they would be interested in funding a few print advertisements in the Leader magazine.

George and Doug will work with Bill C. on writing some vignettes about the experiences of WJ'55 attendees for use on the web site and in print publicity.


The meeting closed at 20:50. The next meeting will be Tuesday, February 8, 2005 at Niagara B-P House.

—Minutes by Liam Morland.

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