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Committee Minutes
Scouts Canada

August 9, 2005
Scouts Canada Registration

Ted reminded the committee to complete their Scouts Canada registration.

June 13, 2005
Scouts Canada's Participation

Committee Registration

Ted reminded everyone to complete their Scouts Canada registration.

Special Guests

Ted reported that VIP invitations have been sent. So far, Kim Craitor, Rob Nicholson, and Ron Dale have accepted.

May 3, 2005
Scouts Canada's Participation

Special Guests

Ted has been working with Ross Francis of Scouts Canada on the guest list. Official invitations will be sent to the Governor General, Premier on Ontario, local MP and MPP, Niagara Regional Chair, Lord Mayor of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Chair and Vice-Chair of the Niagara Parks Commission, and the Parks Canada CEO.

Committee Registration

Members of the committee will complete registration with Scouts Canada.

April 12, 2005
Scouts Canada's Participation

The group discussed the question of registration status of committee members. Ted is working on this.

Official VIP invitations have not moved forward. Ted is working on this.

Ted is working on arranging to have Scouts Canada manage tax receipts for donations to the event via their charitable registration number. The committee would give something in return for donations, such as a crest for smaller donations.

February 8, 2005
Scouts Canada's Participation

Tony's article was published in the February 2005 issue of the Leader Magazine. Ted has paid for five ads in the Leader at a price of $380 per insertion. These will start in March.

Ted has received no response from the International Commissioner. Ted has sent notice of the event to WOSM and has received no response.

December 7, 2004
Scouts Canada's Participation

Ted has written to Tyler Arrell about the World Scout Bureau approvals and promoting the event with other Scout associations and is awaiting a reply.

Tony's article was submitted for inclusion in the February Leader magazine.

November 9, 2004
Scouts Canada's Participation

Ted has been in communication with Ross Francis, the Scouts Canada staff member assigned as the liaison to the committee. Scouts Canada holds the copyright to the Eaton's film and has granted permission for it to be used. There is as yet no news regarding official approval for the use of the WJ'55 emblem. Ted has emailed Tyler Arrell, Scouts Canada's International Commissioner, about this.

The Leader magazine has invited the committee to submit an article for the February and June issues. The deadline for the February issue is Monday. Tony will write an article. The Leader is willing to run monthly ads for the event, but would treat them as other event advertising and expect to be paid. Bill will send the Tony's backgrounder to Lou for review before it is sent to The Leader.

Both Scouts Canada and the Scouts Canada Foundation have officially recognized the event.

October 5, 2004
Scouts Canada's Participation

Bill C. has met with Mike Scott, Chief Commissioner of Scouts Canada, and reports that he is very supportive. Bill asked for approval to use the WJ'55 emblem. Rob Stewart, Scouts Canada's CEO, has passed the request to the World Scout Bureau in Geneva. A liaison person has not been appointed as of the present meeting. Bill will follow up. Ted will contact Rob Stewart regarding an official statement of Scouts Canada's involvement and the use of the Scouts Canada emblem on the web site and will also contact Scouts Canada's International Commissioner, Tyler Arell. Mike Scott has offered The Leader Magazine as a means of communication. It was noted that many WJ'55 attendees will no longer be involved in Scouting and will not be reachable through The Leader.

Eaton's commissioned a 16mm movie about WJ'55. The NOTL museum would like to use it as part of their exhibit. The holder of the copyright is not known. It is believed that Eaton's passed the copyright to Scouts Canada, Ontario Provincial Council. Today, neither Eaton's nor Ontario Council exist. Copyright is likely to be owned by Scouts Canada. Ted will follow up with Rob Stewart about this.

Tony met with John Rietveld of the Scouts Canada Foundation who supportive. Ted will follow up with John regarding official approval. The Foundation has sent a notice about the commemoration in its Centennial Group newsletter (the Centennial Group is a new association for people who have earned the King's/Queen's Scout/Venturer or Chief Scout's Award). It has been generally agreed that any surplus from the commemoration event will go to the Scouts Canada Foundation. No specific amount can be promised.

August 31, 2004
Scouts Canada's Participation

Bill C. has been in contact with Mike Scott, Scouts Canada's Chief Commissioner, who is very interested. Bill will meet with Mike and will discuss permission for the use of the Jamboree emblem, communicating with the WOSM, and appointing a liaison between Scouts Canada and the committee.

John Rietveld, CEO of the Scouts Canada Foundation, is supportive. It was generally agreed that any surplus from the commemoration should be given to the Foundation for the purpose of supporting international Scouting.

July 13, 2004
Scouts Canada's Participation

It is important to get the endorsement of Scouts Canada and of the WOSM. Bill Connor will speak to Mike Scott about the formal endorsement of Scouts Canada. Bill Connor will deal with contact for Mike Scott as they have a professional relationship through the Niagara Development Board. Mike Scott had hosted the Philippine ambassador at a reception at Navy Hall. The ambassador had been a Scout at the Jamboree. This may be a good contact.
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