WJ'55 Masthead Scouts Canada

Jamboree Postal Issues

Stamp and First Day Cover

WJ'55 Stamp
WJ'55 First Day Cover

Special thanks to Kevin Snair for providing this. The original is on Scouter Kevin's web site, Scouting with Staves & Stetsons.

Jamboree Cover

WJ'55 Cover

Postal Cancels

As well as the official Day of Issue postal cancel from Ottawa, two special Jamboree cancels were used at the Jamboree. They were very similar but had a few differences in both the round indicia and the rectangular slogan.

Type 1Type 2
WJ'55 Cancel, Type 1 WJ'55 Cancel, Type 2
Indicia VII 20
Short dashes in town name
20 VII
Long dashes
Slogan Dash 28-1955
Large Print (most noted in numerals)
Dot 28.1955
Small Print
In use August 18-28 (entire Jamboree) August 20 (Day of Issue only)

Special thanks to Tony Manson of the Scouts On Stamps Society International (SOSSI), Maple Leaf Chapter.