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Greetings from India

We received this email from Amar Nath Dhawan, a WJ'55 participant from India.

To the organizer 50th anniversary of world Boy Scout Jamboree Canada,

I, Amar Nath Dhawan, was troop leader of the 14 boys contingent from India. Our troop was considered one of the smartest of the about 10 thousand Boy Scouts gathered from all most the entire world.

I give below a photo graph in my possession send to me by Michael diHooh of Belgium.

My memories: My visit to Canada was memorable. We lived with the Smith family, myself and Umesh Chand Mathur. We visited Toronto, Ontario and Niagara falls apart from staying at the Jamboree site, where we erected our own tent and a simple, I believe, a beautiful gate. Of course I remember the opening and the closing ceremonies as well as the evening campfire and the innumerable friends we made.

Of course I can write much more but you have limited space. I am now 65 plus. When I visited the Jamboree I was only 15 years-old. How time passes. They say Generals never die, they merely fade away. I remember the saying, "once a Scout, always a Scout."

Wishing the celebration my best and if any one remembers me, they should get in touch with me on Delhi, India telephone number 23856165. BE PREPARED.

Amar Nath Dhawan

Amar Nath Dhawan from India at WJ'55