WJ'55 Masthead Scouts Canada

Committee Minutes
Organizational Issues

October 5, 2004
Committee Membership

Bill C. spoke of the need for more committee members. There is much work to be done. Committee members need not be WJ'55 attendees. Anyone with an interest in the commemoration may be helpful. It was noted that there are many people who would be willing to help with specific tasks, but are not interested in committee work. The committee must be able to identify such people and delegate work.

June 8, 2004
Organizational Issues

Ted stated that the purpose of the meeting is to create a committee that can bring together the work that various people have done towards commemorating WJ'55.

By consensus Ted took the Chair, Liam meeting secretary, and Tony Steering Committee local representative.

Ted will also serve as treasurer. He will use the 6th Waterloo/Scouters' Club bank account with a seperate ledger for the WJ'55 commemoration.

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