WJ'55 Masthead Scouts Canada

VIEW-MASTER Reels of the Jamboree

VIEW-MASTER attended WJ'55 and photographed many aspects of the event. Afterwards, they produced a set of three VIEW-MASTER reels and sold it under their World Events and Festivals series. The set of 21 images are gloriously captured in three dimensional beauty. These scans do not do the VIEW-MASTER reels justice. They in no way compare to seeing them in VIEW-MASTER fantastic three-dimentional format.


Philippine, Irish, and U.S. Scouts visit town

Boy Scouts at famous Niagara Falls

Scout parade opening Canadian National Exhibition

French Scouts eating under a platform tent

Irish Scout consults an illustrated sign

Main gate of the Jamboree

Opening ceremony; massed Scout salute

Pakistan Scouts hold Moslem service

British Scouts arrive by plane

US Scouts ride the "bucking bronco"

Swiss Scouts entertain with a "sing song"

Brazilian Scouts and their much-travelled jeep

Scouts from all over the world at main gate

Section of flag plaza

Dutch Scout camp entrance

Canadian Scouts pageant at Fort George

Trinidad Scouts and steel drum at campfire

Canadian Scouts in RCMP pageant

African Scouts in tribal dance

International trade: badges and souvenirs

Indian war dance costume

Special thanks to Kevin Snair for providing this. The original is on Scouter Kevin's web site, Scouting with Staves & Stetsons.